Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saw 8 Movie in 2011

Actor Tobin said he signed a contract for at least until the movie Saw 8. So we can be pretty sure that there will be a Saw 8 movie. I read here and there that Saw 8 would be a kind of final, in which all things will be revealed, and in which all the twisted traps that were set in motion in the previous films will be explained.

Plot of Saw 8:
Obviously, Lionsgate hasn't released the plot of Saw 8. But legends never really die, and Jigsaw's legacy is still alive. So with this new Saw sequel we may expect as many tricky and twisted traps as usual!
Saw 8 MovieI don't want to see the Saw movie series to come to an end... So I hope that the movie Saw 8 won't be the last. But no need to worry I think: I doubt that Lionsgate would stop such a successful franchise: they wouldn't kill a goose that lays golden eggs after all!

We may wonder though how they will manage to keep Tobin Bell who plays as Jigsaw on board after the movie Saw 8... I mean, since Jigsaw has already passed away, would be hard to justify new flashbacks showing him if all has been revealed in Saw 8...

Anyway, wee will see how the movie Saw 8 is going to turn out!